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I am the author of several books and numerous articles about music physiology.



Chinese edition of Musicians in Motion. With foreword and recommendation by Lang Lang.

Gerne will ich mich bequemen

Gesundheitstipps für Kirchenmusikerinnen und Kirchenmusiker.

Musikergesundheit in der Praxis

Claudia Spahn, Alexandra Türk-Espitalier, Bernhard Richter

Hintergrundwissen zu den körperlichen und psychischen Grundlagen des gesunden Musizierens helfen, die Ursachen der eigenen Symptome zu finden und geeignete Gegenmaßnahmen zu ergreifen.

Kompakte Informationen und präventive Übungen für InstrumentalistInnen und SängerInnen.

Musiker in Bewegung

100 Übungen mit und ohne Instrument. Für alle, die beim Musizieren unter Beschwerden leiden oder einen Ausgleich zur einseitigen Haltung suchen. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf praktischen Übungen, die sich mit dem instrumentalen Üben kombinieren lassen.

Musicians in Motion

100 exercises with and without instrument, training schedules, and tips for prevention. No matter what instrument you play, you can use Musicians in Motion as a practical workbook and combine the exercises with your daily practice.

Discover Fitissimo

A health app just for musicians.

Fitissimo is developed by an international team of experts in the fields of physiology, psychomotility, motology and physiotherapy – including myself.

Test Fitissimo now for free on iOS and Android.


If you want to learn the basics about music physiology, explore my video series Musicphysiology from A to Z. It addresses the most common questions of musicians.

There is (no) glory in prevention!

Wrist pain. Tendonitis. Overuse. Repetitive strain injury.

Nervous on stage?!

Why healthy musicians should exercise, too!

Musicians need core training!

What is the correct knee position when playing standing?

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You can read my articles in Das Orchester, Üben & MusizierenBrawoo and various scientific journals.

A poster of my work The effect of expiratory muscle strength training on the performance of professional male trumpet players as well as the corresponding reference list can be downloaded here.

download poster (with references)

Read an interview from the International Musician here:

Biomechanics: How to Be In Sync with Your Instrument