Individual Lessons

Focus solely on your music – without muscular pain, tension or mental stress.

Practicing and performing require above-average discipline and strength. Over many years, you have demanded the utmost performance from your body and mind to achieve where you play today.

There is no question that this can be exhausting for your musculoskeletal and mental system and sometimes takes its toll. Pain, fatigue and anxiety are the most common problems.

I specialize in treating these problems and together we will work to alleviate your discomfort and thus maximize your performance and well-being.

Steps of Our Collaboration

A personalized training with a practice schedule, exercises with and without instrument, pain-relieving techniques, mental coping strategies and advice for self-help are key features of my lessons. I use exercises from different styles of bodywork and therapy and also implement self-developed methods. All exercises are scientifically based on functional anatomy and biomechanics and focus on threedimensional movements and the enhancement of body awareness and breathing. Of course, I select all exercises specifically for your instrument and for the situation you want to improve.


Movement analysis with and without your instrument


Individual training, practice schedule and home exercise program


Supervision and adjustment of exercises


Individual plan for concert preparation


Increase in performance