“Alexandra’s great approach to music through the physical movement added more freedom and fluidity to my performance.”

Ilya Kondratiev
Pianist and piano professor, Royal College of Music London

Individual Lessons

Focus solely on your music – without muscular pain, tension or mental stress.

I offer individually tailored exercises that improve playing quality and fitness, and release excess physical andmental tension.

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Books and Videos

I am the author of several books and numerous articles about music physiology.

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You can also find exercises and practical advice on healthy playing on my YouTube channel.

Teacher Training

If you are a music teacher, I can teach you various techniques and exercises that you can do with your students – suitable for different instruments and specific age groups.

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Play without Pain to Improve Your Performance

More than two thirds of all professional musicians suffer from playing-related pain. In most cases, these problems have a significant negative impact on playing quality.

Musculoskeletal disorders such as myofascial pain, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are the most common problems. Mental stress and performance anxiety are prevalanrt among professional musicians as well.

Music physiology can provide pain relief and thus help you play at peak performance. Similar to sports, where athletes use physical and mental exercises both in training and recovery, musicians benefit from a specific training as well.

Practising, rehearsing and performing with a well-coordinated body and a clear mind is highly rewarding. With my experience and expertise, I can help you play at your best performance.

Dr Alexandra Türk-Espitalier

Contact me

I teach face-to-face in Vienna and at masterclasses throughout Europe. I also offer online lessons and webinars, that work very well for my clients in America, Asia and Australia.

You can book individual lessons if you suffer from pain or if you are healthy and want to prepare for an important concert, audition or competition.

For music schools or conservatories, I offer group lessons with exercises and prevention tips.

Book Recommendation

Musicians in Motion

100 exercises with and without instrument, training schedules, and tips for prevention. No matter what instrument you play, you can use Musicians in Motion as a practical workbook and combine the exercises with your daily practice.

Discover Fitissimo

A health app just for musicians.

Fitissimo is developed by an international team of experts in the fields of physiology, psychomotility, motology and physiotherapy – including myself.

Test Fitissimo now for free on iOS and Android.

A Passion for Music and Movement

About my greatest joy in 20 years of work in the interdisciplinary field of music physiology:

My students and clients often tell me they can finally play without pain. Or that they have won the desired (orchestral) position, because of their new-gained strength, being confident and well-prepared.

The connection of exercises, instrument and sound is the most important aspect of my work. Efficient, strong and fluid movements can produce an equally rich and colorful tone. Therefore I always use exercises and playing music in combinatiuon.

Helping international soloists and orchestral musicians to return back to stage after an injury is also a big part of my work. Furthermore, I teach young musicians to play in a healthy manner and thus prevent them from getting playing-related diseases. Therefore I cooperate with music schools, mainly in Austria and Germany.

For 13 years now, I work as an author at Schott Music (Zimmermann). This enables me to spread music-physiological knowledge to a broad audience.

I am a flutist (Dipl. mus., Dipl. mus. päd.), physiotherapist (MSc) and researcher (PhD).

I am a senior lecturer for music physiology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw). Besides teaching and various research projects, these are some of my professional references:

Worldwide Masterclasses

  • Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts
  • ISA Summer Academy of mdw
  • University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
  • Amsterdam Conservatory
  • St Petersburg State Conservatory
  • Bayerische Musikakademie Marktoberdorf

Work with Orchestras

  • Dresdner Philharmonie
  • Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz
  • Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz
  • Junge Deutsche Philharmonie

Member of Music Physiology Associations

  • PAMA (USA)
  • ÖGfMM (Austria)